noozy, an audiophile grade transport

Upcoming new “noozy” is going to hit the store at Google Play, ETA NOV 2013. “noozy” an audiophile grade transport designed to enhance the listening experience for the on-the-go audiophile. The “noozy” features a premium audio player that lets you experience the best possible sound quality from your music library.

Introducing the advanced sound technologies from “Noozxoide Laboratories“. The noozy exclusive VSP “EIZO-rewire M Series” delivers superior sound by using a smart compressor technique to reach aggressive sound that ever made. The state-of-the-art 32bit software-layer processing and [ESX acoustic engine] that delivers immersive, organic, cleaner and bolder sounds, all in one powerful “EIZO-rewire M” virtual sound processor.

Next Generation VM

Alchemy project lets you run Windows software on Linux without installed Windows OS. Share all the multi-tasking, processing etc. Everything from Linux to run a Windows application. Especially Games that requires OpenGL and PhysX. System engineers can use this fusion technology to deploy for Linux users to run Windows applications on-the-fly.

Alchemy is ultra lightweight compared to other VM available that is not using virtual CPU, FPU, GPU, SPU, NIC, BIOS, etc. To create a Windows environment for application.

Something Unusual

Well, this is the first time we build the thing for medical and we are not in the medical field, but to incorporate with some medical doctors who wants to join us on this project, guiding us what the electronic medical management system needs to be look like. That leads us to study hard on many medical standard rules and regulation. From processing to security and a lot more things to concerned about, in order to build a look like very innovation, powerful and operational system for medical industry. Below pictures are showing the prototype including how flexible with data modelers to design the databases using visual-aided modeler at anytime.

This allows engineers to create unlimited patterns of data for the whole system. We also blended RSA Security standards and ICSA Labs standards to build it from the ground up.

Premium Sound for Android

“EIZO-rewire N” series is an elemental special effect sound processor blended with a true voice fx processor programmed up to 400+ sound signatures with various of details and mixes. It works in a system-wide environment. The Speaker Size Generator to enable the soundstage correctly fitted on different monitor sizes. Added new (Noozxoide MaxxBass II) reproduces 20Hz under 1.8 Octave low-harmonic baseline. Advanced AVLS, a volume limiter is activated when Line-In is connected. Featured crossfeed fx and headphone virtual surround sound. N Series is engineered for headphone. Not support for wireless audio. (see also EIZO-rewire PROEIZO-rewire E)

This PREVIEW explains the complex “Sound Design Concept” for 400+ sound signatures under 4 sound elements, speaker size, psycho-acoustic room size… A quick visual user manual on how to use the new N Series.

We are on GAIKAI

gaikai_logoWe are joining the project GAIKAI. And Yes! We are recruited and awaiting for job lists to be announced from the career department. The project GAIKAI is an amazing streaming technology for Cloud Gaming. We will handle the network security and network automation software engineering. I am so looking forward this world’s fastest and most widespread cloud gaming network on PlayStation 4. This is so extreme…

Project frienbox is closing down

fbxProject “frienbox” and the server are shutting down on 9 July 2012. Due to heavy costing running for 1 year and 6 months without generating profits from the project. Actually, we are going to launch the latest “Ayon” frienbox version around November 2012. Unfortunately not a chance.

Project “Neclon” on dogsbark is continuing and the new version will be released from time to time but slow. We are planning to sell it for public or corporate business. Talk to us about the selling information.

Coolest web studio kit “feather G3”

featherGreat web design has never been faster or more flexible. NGRAW “feather” SDK III takes it even further with the most powerful grid system and design editor to date. If you’re a seasoned developer, then “feather” is also for you. “feather” has an instant, Live CSS editor, a robust child theme API, sweet blocks API, and much more.

A lot of advanced and beautiful web templates are built by using “feather” whether by full handcrafted or partly-handcrafted. Everything is so sweet~~ Take a look on the prototype that has been developed for years. Added “Live CSS”, “Custom Content (php)”, Google Fonts API support and modified re-sizable bottom tray. It is ready to be on public anytime.

45 minutes on “CloudBox”

The 45 minutes working with Pablo, the really quick and fun coding with him. We made this “CloudBox” in 45 minutes and about 1 hour for the UI touch up and clean up messy codes. The “CloudBox” is an online file storage yet we planned for personal or business because it is still in beta. This has allowed you to store your files on the CloudBox server, organize them, sharing the files with protected password and we added short URL feature. Share a file outside CloudBox, you can just hold and drag the Short URL move to outside CloudBox on the email application or just drag out on the desktop it becomes an URL link file. We made a sleek and minimalist UI with intuitive Ajax file explorer. CloudBox also allows you to manage your folders, and a storage status.