We are on GAIKAI

gaikai_logoWe are joining the project GAIKAI. And Yes! We are recruited and awaiting for job lists to be announced from the career department. The project GAIKAI is an amazing streaming technology for Cloud Gaming. We will handle the network security and network automation software engineering. I am so looking forward this world’s fastest and most widespread cloud gaming network on PlayStation 4. This is so extreme…

Project frienbox is closing down

fbxProject “frienbox” and the server are shutting down on 9 July 2012. Due to heavy costing running for 1 year and 6 months without generating profits from the project. Actually, we are going to launch the latest “Ayon” frienbox version around November 2012. Unfortunately not a chance.

Project “Neclon” on dogsbark is continuing and the new version will be released from time to time but slow. We are planning to sell it for public or corporate business. Talk to us about the selling information.

45 minutes on “CloudBox”

The 45 minutes working with Pablo, the really quick and fun coding with him. We made this “CloudBox” in 45 minutes and about 1 hour for the UI touch up and clean up messy codes. The “CloudBox” is an online file storage yet we planned for personal or business because it is still in beta. This has allowed you to store your files on the CloudBox server, organize them, sharing the files with protected password and we added short URL feature. Share a file outside CloudBox, you can just hold and drag the Short URL move to outside CloudBox on the email application or just drag out on the desktop it becomes an URL link file. We made a sleek and minimalist UI with intuitive Ajax file explorer. CloudBox also allows you to manage your folders, and a storage status.