March 3, 2013 root

Premium Sound for Android

“EIZO-rewire N” series is an elemental special effect sound processor blended with a true voice fx processor programmed up to 400+ sound signatures with various of details and mixes. It works in a system-wide environment. The Speaker Size Generator to enable the soundstage correctly fitted on different monitor sizes. Added new (Noozxoide MaxxBass II) reproduces 20Hz under 1.8 Octave low-harmonic baseline. Advanced AVLS, a volume limiter is activated when Line-In is connected. Featured crossfeed fx and headphone virtual surround sound. N Series is engineered for headphone. Not support for wireless audio. (see also EIZO-rewire PROEIZO-rewire E)

This PREVIEW explains the complex “Sound Design Concept” for 400+ sound signatures under 4 sound elements, speaker size, psycho-acoustic room size… A quick visual user manual on how to use the new N Series.